How do consumers overcome the barriers during online grocery shopping?

Technology has become a part of our daily lives in this digital age. Technology is there even if you book tickets, use the internet to communicate, purchase groceries, or travel. Today’s technology allows us to live a more intelligent life. Online ordering and food delivery have increased with the advancement of technology. Recent pandemics are one of the main reasons for the increase in online grocery shopping. Consumers have overcome many barriers when shopping for groceries online. People tend to stock up on materials and visit the grocery store once a week.

Covid-19 has caused a halt to these supermarket visits, and people have been quarantined. Online grocery services were used to deliver products directly to people’s doorsteps. Many of the population still prefer to purchase groceries at local retail stores. We will discuss in this blog the various reasons why online grocery shopping is difficult and how consumers can overcome these barriers.

Online grocery shopping has distinct barriers.

Manual shopping benefits

The majority of people prefer to purchase fresh produce in offline retail outlets. When you buy new products from the store, you can choose the ones that look the best, have no bruises, and are in good condition. A recent study found that 75.5% of shoppers don’t buy online because they can see what they purchase in the supermarket. Online grocery shopping doesn’t allow you to inspect the vegetables or remove items with dents. Sometimes, online shoppers look for things they can’t get in stores.

Online retailers must look for and maintain these products to attract customers to their online grocery stores. Our grocery platform has been a leading online ordering and delivery platform for many years, serving customers all over Canada. Foodrunner offers quality assurance as a way to eliminate these barriers. Foodrunner provides all the information about products, from the production date to how long they can be stored. Customers can choose from a variety of categories and receive products of high quality. They can also view the images of the products.

Delivery Related Issues

You can avoid the hassle of traveling to the grocery store by getting your groceries delivered right to your door. Many online grocery stores charge expensive delivery fees for giving just a few groceries to your door. Many shoppers buy their groceries from local stores because of this. We have designed a unique platform for online grocery shopping that allows for smooth and efficient delivery at an affordable rate. All products can be found and ordered. You can get groceries delivered to your home within your budget.

Low-quality products

You can touch and squeeze the items to check their freshness. Customers can check for defects. You can check expiry dates, freshness, and the quality of the produce. This is different from the experience of buying groceries online. When you order online, store employees will select the items they want to deliver. This is not the case with our online shopping platform. The online grocery platform is one of the best platforms for online shopping. After checking their quality, it offers personalized products and delivers them to the customer.

Select items offline to receive support.

When selecting products in offline retail stores, customers can ask for help from retail store employees, such as the cashier, the workers, etc. Customers can ask for help and assistance from store staff if they have product questions. Workers may recommend products of high quality. You will not receive any support when buying groceries online.

This is only true for some online grocery shops. Our platform allows you to ask questions and get answers about the products you’ve added to your cart. The customer can connect with support staff and receive answers to their queries.

Faulty selection

Customers sometimes select the wrong color based on the product’s image but receive the correct color. It is not uncommon for online shoppers to encounter this situation. This happens when you select a color in the category list but with a different color. It’s because of poor product photography. Foodrunner uses high-quality photography to eliminate such confusion. Customers can quickly check out the images to make sure they are accurate and then place their order online.

Prices can vary

You may see different prices for different products when you shop online. It may be different from in supermarkets. Online groceries may be more expensive than supermarkets. It is for this reason that most people choose to shop at local supermarkets. These problems can be solved with the aid of special offers and discounts. Customers can enjoy special offers and discounts at the best online grocery store. Submissions may include seasonal or festive discounts. Online grocery stores offer customers discounts, allowing them to save money on their purchases.

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